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Partnering with Montana Schools

Helping you build spirit amongst students and staff

Few things are stronger than students rallying around a shared cause. Logotype will help you create impactful swag that will help them unite!

Make something that makes them smile

There are many of options and approaches to creating swag your students and stuff will love. We will guide you through the process and find the perfect solutions for your school.

A product for every need


From signage and displays, to business forms and brochures, we offer a wide variety of printing solutions.


T-shirts, masks, caps, socks(!)—you can select exactly the right garment to fit your needs. We’ll make sure it gets decorated with high-level attention to detail.


Everyday objects that students and staff utilize are great carriers of your message.


Staying hydrated is fundamental to staying focused. We’ve got access to a huge variety of liquid carriers.


We can always use your existing art. But in the event you’d like us to design for you, we love collaborating to create something special.

Gifts / Awards / Incentives

Drive and motivate, create action and excitement.

Let your ideas take flight

From searching, to sourcing, to producing and shipping, we’ll do everything necessary to get your idea afloat.

Working alongside you

Finding solutions that work within your budget and accomplish your goal can often be difficult. Logotype will go to work for you looking for solutions that tick all the right boxes, and help you craft and create a message that your kids and staff will be eager to be a part of.

Let’s Start A Project


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